Our Mission


ZOE  is  a  non-profit  organization  in  Albuquerque,  New  Mexico  that helps  women  in  the  community  who  are  involved  in  systems  of incarceration,  drugs,  abuse,  or  poverty  by  providing  clothes, community,  and  workshop-style  classes. ZOE  is  a  logical,  energetic  approach  to  solving  the  complex social  and  economic  problems  facing  young  women  in  Albuquerque. When  facing  systems  of  poverty, incarceration  and  unemployment, ZOE  makes  practical  steps  to  recognize  young  women  lost  in  those systems. They  find  the  invisible  women  of  the  community,  and  assist them in developing a new direction in life.